OpenScript: New automation tool


OpenScript is the Oracle Functional Testing tool which is a part of Oracle Automated Testing Suite(OATS).

OpenScript is built on Eclipse IDE and uses JAVA as its scripting language. Since it is using Java it gives you the advantage of powerful language Java.

As of now QTP is the leader of Automation Tool so we will have a brief comparison between QTP and OpenScript:

1. OpenScript uses Java as its language while QTP uses VB Script.

2. OpenScript supports IE and FireFox browser. So you develop a script and now this script  you can run on IE as well as FF. While QTP supports only IE.

3. In QTP you can associate a single databank for each script where as in OpenScript you can associate n number of databanks for each script.

4. QTP recognizes its objects and store them in Object Repository file(.tsr) while OpenScript by default doesnot store your objects in any library however you have option to store them in Object Library(.properties)[Will see this in detail some time later]

5. QTP supports Windows based Application while OpenScript does not

I have worked on QTP as well as OpenScript. Both has its own advantage and disadvantage. When i started working on QTP i think it was pretty easy for a beginner to understand the tool and get used of it; this is certainly not the case with OpenScript. It took some time for me to get used of it( May be becasue i was so addicted of QTP). But once you get used of it you are certainly going to love it!!!

If you are a QTP user and planning to use OpenScript first few days you will feel out of town mainly because of the object recognition stuff. On a very high level you can take it as openscript reconizes object and show them in you script pretty similar to Descriptive Programming in QTP.

Will come back soon to let you guys know more about openscript. Meanwhile if you have anything do let me know your comments.


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2 Responses to OpenScript: New automation tool

  1. hi pratik

    nice blog explaining about OATS .at present i am also working on open script for automating oracle applications.i also worked on QTP and presently working on open script.
    i will also add some more details on openscript .

    can i have ur email id i have some doubts in openscript
    do you have any idea on how to get the count of buttons in a particular (similar to child objects concept in QTP)

    waiting for your reply

    • kuprat says:


      Thanks… To find the count of element you can use getElementsByTag method on the document.. Parameter passed to this method should be HTML tag say “input”.
      It will return you List of DOMElement then on that list you can find the attribute “type”. This will return the type pf element say checkbox,textfield,submit and based on that you can find out the number of button.
      I am currenlty drafting a post on the same issue. You can find the details with sample code in this website soon..

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